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OL.U.NID: SUPERB TREAT at TERIYAKI BOY: Though it's late but still have to blog this memoir from last year Christmas activities we have from my ADT Family. After our gift givi...


Though it's late but still have to blog this memoir from last year Christmas activities we have from my ADT Family.

After our gift giving at the HOUSE OF HOPE, we decided to have our lunch at PANCAKE HOUSE.  So we headed all to ABREEZA MALL....apparently we don't know the exact location of PANCAKE HOUSE. funny!!!  :)

we had a hard time looking at the place

Then we pass at TERIYAKI BOY.  The place was quite nice, quite tempting, and oh so inviting.  

Change of place.  This is it!!!....We are all HUNGRY.

Upon entering we are all greeted by the crew.  The crew were attentive all the way through, offering a top up drink, from time to time as well as getting all our orders.

 What we order....

Breaded pork cutlet, deep-fried and simmered in sweet soy sauce,
onions and leeks, with beaten egg, topped on a bed of steamed rice.

Their best seller and specialty.  Ma'am Q ordered this.
Grilled boneless chicken marinated with special teriyaki sauce.
Served with steamed Japanese rice, miso soup,
kani salad, sesame moyashi, coffee jelly and your choice of iced tea or soda

Crabstick salad with fresh mango, coated with fresh shrimp roe.

Beef bacon slices stir-fried with teppanyaki sauce and onion slices.

Fillet of pork, breaded and deep-fried until golden brown.
Served with katsu sauce.

Thinly sliced beef stir-fried with Yakiniku sauce,
topped with raw egg and sesame seeds, laid on a bed of steamed Japanese rice.
(My friend request not to put raw egg)


Make a pose after a superb treat from Jane Libres-Calilung......

So far TERIYAKI BOY for my review:   

Amazing value, great menu! We love this place that proves you don't have to shell out for sushi!  You have to give this place a try. Try also their chicken teriyaki is a must.  Definitely WORTH IT!!!! 

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OL.U.NID: SPELLBOUND ME: SPELLBOUND literally  means  to having your attention fixated as though by a spell or being hypnotized. SPELLBOUND ME ....with th...


SPELLBOUND literally means to having your attention fixated as though by a spell or being hypnotized.

SPELLBOUND ME....with the things that 

i like and love the most...but don't ever 

judge me ahead.  I am not what you 



friend, but only after ALSO bribing them to entrap me into gossiping ... Start 

with yourself so that you can give back ... 

Always put yourself in the other's shoes, if it hurts you, it probably hurts the other too. 

Never live your life compared to someone else's standards, because for one, you don't know what their standards are, and secondly, you are not them. Everyone has their strong points, don't ever downgrade your own.

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We usually talk to each other over the phone but not see each other more often.  Being apart from now doesn't change the way I feel for you.  Yes, I feel lonely and bored, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed with emptiness.   But always remember that I love you and everything about you.

You make me feel loved, you make me feel safe, but more importantly you make me feel wanted.   We both knew our friendship would grow right from the very first day we spoke.  But, neither one of us begin to imagine the love we both feel, not exploding or thundering into our hearts, but just slowly growing into a beautiful relationship that only you and I can understand.  You are my soul mate, my best friend, my inspiration, and my love. 

I don't feel the miles between us, but for some reason celebrating 10th Monthsary without you, today I do miss you.  I will always be yours no matter what the world turns out to be. My heart will always yearning for your love and care forever. I love you always.  Missing you so much Palabz.

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OL.U.NID: BRICK LANE SQUARE here in DAVAO CITY: Davao is being called the TOURIST HUB of SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES.  Many are coming here to invest because they know  that they can keep more o...


Davao is being called the TOURIST HUB of SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES.  Many are coming here to invest because they know that they can keep more of what they work for.  

But it's not just the business climate that made this enormous expansion and development possible for Davao City. It's also the incredibly low cost of resources. Domestically produced, it's much cheaper compare to other cities and makes production of those industry all the more desirable.

It does take my breath away. All in 60 days, buildings are popping out and you will see new landmarks, places to unwind and to have chillaxing moment.  

One of those places I love to go is the new TAMBAYAN or GIMIKAN here in the City, the BRICK LANE SQUARE located at Palma Gil Street, Bo. Obrero, Davao City. That’s between Wheels and More, Autoshop, Fat Bobby’s, Starr and the Brewery. Fronting it are the Global Art and Arpochi Seafood Restaurant. 

photo credit to Rodyl Siapno

photo credit to Rodyl Siapno

photo credit to Rodyl Siapno

photo credit to Rodyl Siapno
A new place to hang, BAGNETIAN, LOCKER ROOM, and PATIT'S are just some of the joints you can see inside the BRICK LANE SQUARE.

This new fun bar, good food,  very nice priced drinks and outstanding service. This is a place to hang out with family and friends and have a great time. I would highly recommend this place for a good place to go to have fun.  

OL.U.NID: Savor the Pizza Madness at HANDURAW

OL.U.NID: Savor the Pizza Madness at HANDURAW: HANDURAW  (han-doo-rau) is the Cebuano word for “the power to imagine.” A pizza and events café originating from the island of Cebu in the ...

Savor the Pizza Madness at HANDURAW

HANDURAW (han-doo-rau) is the Cebuano word for “the power to imagine.” A pizza and events café originating from the island of Cebu in the Philippines, with branches in Metro Manila and now in Davao.

logo property owned by Handuraw Pizza Cafe

November 2011,  Dabawenyo Ka Kung Group with the alipoRACERS FAMILY celebrated Halloween together at Handuraw Pizza Cafe at E. Quirino Avenue, Davao City.  It was my first time to enter the place.  The place  is not that big, but seems like a good place to chill-out and unwind,  and their pizza was sooooooo yummy!!!  

CONCERT TIME with Doc Bong, Doc Joel, JOsie and PAM


I recommend you to order 2 pizzas if you're really hungry or even want to share with your friends because it's cheaper (BUY 1 TAKE 1).. I really love the one and only HANDURAW SPECIAL..


Handuraw offers an assortment of lip smacking thin crust pizzas that range from basic to adventurous choices. The Handuraw Special, which is a must-try, is a thin crust pizza that contains an abundance of toppings, including slices of pepperoni, chunks of Italian sausage, ham and bacon bits, button mushrooms, onions, olives, and fresh tomatoes. Other classic pizza variants include Meatlovers, Hawaiian, Bacon and Mushroom, Pepperoni, and Cheesy Cheese. Apart from the Vegetarian classic pizza, those who prefer meatless pizza varieties can go for the Simply Basic pizza options, which include Margherita and Roasted Garlic and Cheese.

For the adventurous, they can try the Anchovy Lovey.  It is a thin crust pizza liberally topped with shredded anchovies fillet, olives, mozzarella cheese, and made more special with Handuraw’s homemade pesto oil.

Pizza became the food of choice for the café when research via the internet indicated that pizza has become a universal comfort food, craved for by people all over the world with each country putting their own stamp to the pizza’s identity. It was also learned that the dining experience of eating pizzas (regardless of pizza size and diners’ age and interests) is generally a communal or group experience, and serves to foster friendship and camaraderie.

But wait,  there's more...The menu also includes pica-pica, soups, salads, sandwiches, meals, and rice bowls. Non-pizza favorites include Sizzling Pork Steak, Fish and Shrimp Butterfly, and Happy Rooster Chili Wings. Pasta favorites include the All-meat Bolognese and the Seafood Marinara. 

I also love their POTATO JOJO.


Mira Bitacura, very accommodating and approachable business woman.   
A friend of mine in DKK and also the owner of HANDURAW PIZZA CAFE Davao Branch.    On an interview with her, she said that the branch opened in November 10, 2010 and she doesn't expect the positive feedback of the people towards their branch here in Davao.  

To the owners of Handuraw Pizza cafe, developing a food line of pizzas illustrates what Handuraw has envisioned itself to be — a café that would foster a strong sense of friendship and community brought out by great food, artistic and homey ambiance, positive energies and unhurried, joyful conversations.

To grab a bite of the famous thin crust pizza, visit Handuraw Pizza Café at


You can also check out their Web site at 
You can also like them on Facebook at HANDURAW PIZZA CAFE-DAVAO BRANCH

Before I forget thanks for my discount card...jejejejeje  :)



PICA BUFFET ONLY HERE @ Handuraw Pizza Cafe - 

Davao Branch! SEE YOU ALL on JUNE 3, 2011!
208 per head

1-7 years old- 50% off



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OL.U.NID: SCHOOL IS HERE AGAIN: Summer is ended.  Parents are busy preparing for school now.   Buying school supplies, shoes, socks, bags, and new school uniform.  Excitin...


Summer is ended.  Parents are busy preparing for school now.   Buying school supplies, shoes, socks, bags, and new school uniform.  Exciting?  Yes it is but a little of daunting for both parents and children.  Back to school gives you shopping headaches.  

It's time to open our wallet again.  Easy for us to say, but don't leave buying school supplies to the last minute.  It really damage our pockets.  BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET....that is the right word for that.


Summer holidays usually fly past and before we know it, the annual rush to buy all the things needed for school begun.  

How do I prepare for that?  

  1. Always try to buy school uniform early.  But if the old uniform still fits for them make use the old one in order to save money.  Just make it new and clean by washing it properly.  Just a tip: washing white polo uniform use warm water and suka(vinegar) you will see the result, white will be more whiter.
  2. Know what you need.  List all the things needed by your kids.  You can get list from their teacher adviser.  Items you need to pick up includes backpacks, binders, and addition to the regular assortment of pen, pencils, crayons, glue, and scissors.  How many notebooks are needed and also the leaves of pages of the notebook.  Some teachers requires 80-90 leaves.  
  3. Label everything.   Make sure the school supplies of your kids are organize.  Put name on it in order for them to know their own things.  I am pretty sure during school days things are easily left on the bus, inside the room or library, lost in playing, etc...
  4. Health.  Wonder health is included on my preparation well healthy kids perform well better in school.  A child lack of focus at school can impact his potential to learn and achieve good grades. 

As of now I am gradually moving my kids bedtimes up.  My kids have been staying up extra late this summer, and I am teaching them now to sleep early and wake up early so that it is easier for me when school begins, and it will help me relieve the back-to-school jitters and insomnia.   

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Binocular - Deep

Binocular - Deep


One of the warning signs of domestic abuse also known as spousal abuse whether verbal or not is the frequent use of abusive language and a frustrated and intolerable behavior by a partner. It usually occurs in an intimate relationship or marriage where one tries to dominate and control the other personal views and perceptions.
The wife or the husband can be the victim of abuse, whether mental, emotional or physical abuse. The abuser however, never plays a fair game here. A mental and emotional abuse is actually a reflection of the underlying guilt, fear, intimidation or insecurity in a person which he or she is trying to release and rid himself or herself off by inflicting pain and suffering on the other. So, any form of abuse in a marriage is actually a selfish and a sadistic behavior.
Mental and Emotionally abuse, yes I am.  I have this during my marriage life.  It makes me feel so useless.  The feeling of having that low esteem and you have nothing to do with it.  You wanted to cry but tears don't full. 
How did I recover?
When you cannot handle things then you need to get out of the situation as soon as possible. 
We've been separated for almost 7 years.   The first 3 years of separation, life is imbalance.  Something missing but you have to go on and live the past behind.  I have my two kids with me, I have to strive harder for them.  Dealing the hurt aches from the past makes you more stronger.
As I read from a blog and I quote, "Life, while mostly enjoyable, does have its ups and downs. The sun shines on the evil and the good. Pain is an inevitable part of life. Never think that you've been singled out for pain. We all seem to understand that physical pain takes time to subside, and as the wound or illness that caused the pain heals, the pain will ease. What we have more trouble with is realizing that emotional pain also takes time to heal."
It's normal to feel hurt or pain for some time after an event. How much time is up to you. Don't let others rush or pressure you into "getting over it" on some timetable. But if you feel hopeless, or helpless, and this feeling doesn't improve over time, but instead seems to linger, seek professional help. 
Emotional injury can lead to depression, which can be treated - don't let yourself continue a downhill slide indefinitely. You should reach a peak or plateau, and things should start to turn around. You shouldn't just feel like you're continuing down, down, down.
Standing up and moving ahead is much more applicable don't blame yourself for having this kind of situation.  Life is not CRUEL.  Just be happy for you and your kids.
In this ONE FINE DAY you LOOK at ME and YOU will know....TODAY MY LIFE BEGINS!!!!

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Blogging while sleepy. 

The weather turns gloomy and I feel sleepy. 

May 15, 2012  1PM

May 15, 2012  2PM bit of showers...
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "Rain" and "Shower"....This is kind of tricky. Even though "showers" are indeed rain, there's a subtle but important distinction between the two as far as weather forecasts go.

When we call for "Rain" (as in, "Rain at Times", "a rainy day", "Occasional rain") is a more widespread event. Most, if not all, of the area will see rain and it'll last for a while.
"Showers" are more scattered. That usually means that not everyone will be getting wet at the same time.

But I have to start my blog here.  Any ideas to refresh myself?  :)   It is my wish to have my blog for this time, so I will.  Just be warned, my thoughts are a bit scattered.  :)

It was a good day, but seemed liked a long day for me.  I slept last night at 2AM...oh it is not night but morning already.  Oh what a MORNIGHT!!!! Hahahahahaha..... I have so many thoughts in my mind, but yet I am a bit sleepy.  I will just tell you that the weather here in Davao City, Philippines,  it is Gloomy and Rainy.  Maybe that made me more sleepy.

I just wonder if we talk about sleepy make one more sleepy?  Toinks....


OL.U.NID: I LOVE THIS GROUP!!!: Last Saturday May 12, 2012, Skyscraper City Davao had their Grand Meetup held at Primo Cafe and Grille Restaurant located at Camus St., Corn...

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Last Saturday May 12, 2012, Skyscraper City Davao had their Grand Meetup held at Primo Cafe and Grille Restaurant located at Camus St., Corner General Luna Street, 8000 Davao City, Philippines.

Weeeeeee I LOVE PRIMO NOW!!!

It's a very relaxing atmosphere.  FANTASTIC PLACE to unwind and to have Meet ups.

We ordered palatable food the likes of PRIMO PESTO Linguine worth PHp 167,

almost done...hahahahaha..super yummy!

PRIMO PIZZA worth PHp 303,

and 2 Mojito Pitcher@PHp314.


To sum it up we were able to order as much food as we wanted and we have to pay for it.  Yes it was that awesome.  Hahahahaha....KKB (kanya-kanyang bulsa).  


Luckily we all arrived starving and we ordered so much food; appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks.  We relaxed for a few hours and had the best time.  This is definitely my new favorite place to dine in and it’s so close to where I live.  

Going back to my group, well  for me it's a new group that is just getting started and their ideas are terrific. 

The best people, fun, intelligent, and very helpful.  Needless to say wonderful photographers too.

I felt very comfortable meeting them for the first time and interacting with them 

SSC  Davao Interaction

As a new member of SkyScraperCity, I honestly think we are a great group of 

great ideas and good friends, with this said, can we improve, yes in all things 

there's room for improvement. We are all looking to learn and find new places, 

be interested in Urban Exploration & Social Networking in Davao rapids 

growth area. And to explore more about our City we live in.  

Anyway this was my first meetup with this group ... great group of people and I 

can't wait to join them again at some of the other events . 

Special thanks to Jay A. Salva and Jean Langi Gatan for allowing me to use their pictures.xoxo