Wednesday, September 5, 2012


How can we give respect to a person who don't know how to respect with us as BLOGGERS LANG?

And to read this from the wall of MICHELLE ESTOR well this is another form of PLAGIARISM.  Is this act forgivable or unforgivable?

There seems to be no stopping Sotto but he can't outsmart netizens! He just took "plagiarism" to a new level or rather, language! LOL!

Thank you JB Ablaza Macatulad for sharing this post from the wall of Michelle Estor!

"There seems to be no stopping Sen. Sotto from copying other people's work. I knew that "maliliit na galaw" sounded like an awkward translation of something originally in English. So I thought of googling "ripples courage" and what do I get? The Day of Affirmation Speech. I made that table comparing the lifted portions. What. An. Ass."-Michelle Estor

This is too much Senator Sotto.  If you criticize us harshly, you can be sure we will say something about this. Better look for a good PR TEAM now.  Pity you.